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Case Study 4

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Virtual Business Card

The Challenge

In 2021, our client, a company in the events sector, was in the middle of a digital transformation process. They decided to trust BigBox Agency to solve their problem; of transition from paper (or physical format) to a virtual format.

At BigBox Agency, we provided a solution that combined marketing and technology to meet the client's needs. 

The Solution

What is a virtual business card?
It is essentially the virtual/digital version of the traditional business card.

At BigBox, we've twisted the classic version of the business card to make it do so much more. We love the "wow effect" on our customers and we strive for more.

We carefully studied both; our client's needs and those of the end-user to deliver a product that added value and was what the end-user needed.


Both the reputation and the brand image of our client could be impacted positively or negatively depending on the final result. Being a product that uses experimental technology, we were fortunate to have a blank canvas to create with only two limits: 

  • The final product had to be aligned with the MVP.

  • That it met the budget

The solution consisted of a non-intrusive and intuitive virtual tool for the end-user. It allowed our client to generate leads and interact with them. We made sure that the branding was perfectly integrated into the different screens or phases of the tool so that it remained coherent.

bigbox wireframe

Low-fidelity wireframe. Virtual Business Card

bigbox agency virtual card

Mock-up. Virtual Business Card

The Results

Despite the technological challenge we face, we have achieved the following: 


- Cost-effectiveness. 
We designed a new virtual tool, tailor-made and within budget.
IT costs are often high due to licensing and other expenses. For many companies, a virtual business card is an add-on they already use, so it is a low-risk product and a seamless integration for them.


- Contact-less.
Now, that online meetings and events are becoming the new norm, virtual business cards are an effective tool for exchanging contact details and other information. 
Virtual cards can be shared with anyone, anywhere. And even when face-to-face meetings resume, virtual business cards are a safe option from COVID's point of view, avoiding the need for physical contact.


- They support ESG criteria.
Companies are more accountable than ever for their environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance; taking the business card virtual is a plus when it comes to adding to environmental credentials.


- Easily scalable and customisable. 
Maintenance and upgrade times are fast. As for possible rebranding options, it does not require long lead times.


- The tool has been well received by both the customer and end-users. In terms of Conversion Rate is approximately 4.3%. This is a good starting point considering the investment the company has made in marketing. (We will monitor the metrics and update this information in the coming months). 

Do you want to discover what virtual card options we can make for your company?
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