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Why do you want to work with a marketing agency

Marketing agencies work hard to satisfy the needs of their clients, taking full advantage of the possibilities offered by the Internet. It's important to choose an agency that fits your needs and resources and makes you save time.

Based on my own experience, I am going to recommend some tips that may help you if you consider working with one of these agencies. But first things, first.

Let’s define what marketing agencies do:

  1. They must develop a whole digital strategy with specific elements that we take into account when calculating the ROI.

  2. They perfectly know the service or product that their client offers to optimise its investment.

  3. They must have a team of creative and trained professionals.

  4. They create strategies that guarantee their client's success.

  5. It’s more profitable to outsource the marketing service than to have a specific department in your company.

The advantage of digital marketing includes the ability to measure inputs in real-time and the segmentation of the public, to reach specific market niches quicker and in a more effective way.

The approach (as a client) when you consider working with a marketing agency is usually as follows:

Step 1; You know what you want (no worries, we know that your mind will constantly change. It is part of our daily lives).

Step 2; You use Google to search for answers.

Step 3; You choose the agency that apparently best describes your needs (again, probably your mind will change when you ask for the quotation).

How do you decide who you want to work with?

Considering that it’s not an easy decision and that you must take several factors into account, I'm going to explain some tricks below:

Make your first decision

Decide if you prefer an agency specialised in particular services or all kinds of marketing.

Check the positioning and reputation of the agency

If it has any certification, references, etc.

Commit to it

Once you have chosen, go and meet them and let yourself be guided a little by your perception of them. If you are not located in the same town, you can make a video conference to see each other face to face. It’s very important that you feel comfortable working with the agency because the projects usually last a long time, and the flow of communication and exchanges of ideas are crucial.

Review the cost

Choose the agency that offers you the best service within a price you can afford. Projects are usually billed by team hours, among other things, so if you agree on a low-cost project, the agency will probably spend less time and resources on it. It's especially important that you understand what you're being charged for, that you're aware of the scope of your project, and that you agree.

Last but not least: Ask us

That's what we're here for! Marketing has practically no limits, and new techniques and tools are constantly appearing to provide solutions to your needs. Before hiring any service, make sure you are happy with the proposal you accept and have no problem asking. A reliable professional must be transparent and answer your questions.

How does a marketing agency work?

The most common way of working as an agency is to offer consultancy and advice before recommending the specific service or project you need. The services of an agency are very wide, and a good professional would make many previous steps before selling you something. I believe that transparency and credibility are fundamental in the relationship that the agency establishes with the client. The projects are usually long, and sometimes can be difficult to delimit and explain because it takes a period of time to see the results.

  • We contact the prospective client.

  • We study and analyse the client and its needs (we design the marketing plan with achievable objectives and identify all the opportunities from which the client can benefit within the established budget).

  • We present the commercial proposal to the client (where we detail the actions to be carried out and the deadlines).

  • We design, develop, and implement the project.

  • We monitor the tasks, modify and immediately correct errors (if necessary).

  • We present reports to the client.

  • We deliver on time products and services that add value for our customers.


These are just some of the many considerations to take into account when working with a marketing agency.

Take your time to look for information before making a final decision. This choice is important because it directly impacts on your company's strategy and can have huge consequences in terms of reputation, image and the values you want your business to project.

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