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How Brands Use Storytelling on Their Campaigns

The human being has evolved and gone through different historical periods. We have overcome wars, diseases, economic crises, the technological boom... But there is something that has always been there: the way we tell stories. And the brands know it.

Ironically, the more access to technology we have and the better we use it, the more we prefer to listen to what someone in the flesh has to say to us (even virtually). It is a fact that most consumers prefer a personalized experience with their favourite brands rather than advertising.

We are going back to basics; the trend shows we are more likely to buy goods from people than from inanimate companies. Brands are fully aware of this phenomenon and use stories to connect with their audience. This connection through storytelling results in greater engagement, loyalty and sales.

So, if you ever want to get started in this area, you should have something to tell and be authentic. If customers think that what you’re telling is false, you are in trouble because you’ll get the opposite effect from what you were looking for and this will impact directly on your brand’s reputation.

We have examples of storytelling campaigns in a variety of sectors and formats:


The host and travel platform knows that the best way to generate a good brand reputation is through the personal experiences shared by its users. They have a section dedicated to testimonials, called "Stories from the Airbnb Community" as well as one dedicated to experiences with images, stories and plans.


Is one of the greatest storyteller brands of our time. All the products launched are accompanied by the story behind them: either to explain a creative process or an experience. Nike uses storytelling to allow its audience to dream.


TikTok surprised us in mid-2021 with the campaign called Creativity for Good at the Cannes Film Festival for a charitable purpose. #CreativityForGood gives creators from around the world a platform to use their creativity for a positive impact. Participants were invited to produce a TikTok for one non-profit organisation. The goal was to showcase artistry, expressiveness and individuality, like Cannes Lions does each year while allowing the TikTok community to participate and highlight their unique vision for giving back.


Is an expert in telling us stories that convey both their passion for creativity and innovation and the connections between devices and the people who use them. Over the years, and through the credibility of these stories, they have managed to build a prestige that is very difficult to break. They bring together experiences directly from their users worldwide to share their imagination, humanity and hope.


Fitbit launched the campaign 'Find your inner strength on Fitbit'. Using the hashtag #whatsstrongwithyou they encourage the users to conquer their fears or disabilities to show their own strengths as Fitbit asks, "What's strong with you?


The human brain is genetically engineered to love storytelling. If explained well, these stories have the power to make any presentation more persuasive. In a world overloaded with content, a well-told story is often a brand's best opportunity to capture the attention of its audience. 

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