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Through social media advertising, your business can reach almost any potential customer. Ads on emerging or greater market niche platforms offer high benefits, depending on your objective. We target the audience you need to reach even if it isn’t actively looking for anything. 


This advertising model shows up when people are on a social media platform such as:


  • Facebook Ads. This platform has over 2 billion active users monthly. Reach specific targeted audiences at relatively low costs. 


  • Instagram Ads. Achieve great results with visual content on this platform.


  • LinkedIn Ads. Reach your audience through the world’s largest professional social network. 


  • Twitter Ads. This platform has over 330 million active users monthly. Twitter could be used to generate engagement and direct action.


  • Pinterest Ads. Around the 55% of people use the platform with intent to make a purchase. Paid ads could turn their intention into action by targeting users when they are making a purchasing decision. 


  • Youtube Ads. This platform has over 1 billion users worldwide and it offers unique ways to harness video ads to generate brand awareness, consideration or conversion.


  • Snapchat Ads. Reach younger demographics on one of the fastest-growing social media app.


  • TikTok Ads. This platform is very popular among the younger audiences. It has some limitations but depending on your budget and with a creative vision, we could help your business to break into TikTok Ads.

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