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Case Study 3

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Accountancy Firm

The Brief

BigBox Agency supported an Accountancy Firm based in Yorkshire. They are a small business, and we helped them with their online positioning and visibility. 

With a smart SEO strategy, it is possible to rank high in Search Engines on a limited budget. 

The Challenge

Their website had 497 monthly visitors when we started working together. The Accountancy Fiirm (our client) could afford to invest a small amount in the SEO campaign. The biggest challenge for BigBox was to get the results the client expected on a tight budget. 

The Solution
  • Website; the client already had its own website, and we focused on its Search Engine optimisation. 

  • Audits; we performed technical audits on the website, implemented the changes and corrected the mistakes detected.

  • Content Creation; we created and optimised the content for the website.

  • Keywords Research; we analysed the keywords and phrases that the firm's potential clients used when searching for an accountant on the Internet.

  • We improved the position of the content the firm published periodically (blog). The new content attracted new readers. 

  • We built backlinks on platforms that added value to the firm. 

  • We generated leads through: 

    • Downloading resources. 

    • Subscriptions; to the blog and contents via email. 

    • Booking consultations (video calls); related to the content published on the blog. 


As we had a very limited budget, it took more time to see results than if we had had a larger budget. Once we obtained results, our client decided to invest more in digital marketing and invested a larger amount. 

BigBox Agency Organic Traffic SEO Case Study

Caption 1. The graph above shows the starting point of the project when BigBox started working with the client ranking position (The client had 497 monthly visitors on their website).  (via: SemRush) 

Organic Traffic growth SEO Analytics

Caption 2: The graph above shows that the number of monthly visitors was growing during the work with BigBox Agency (The client reached 1,233 monthly visitors organically) (via: SemRush) 

SEO Organic Traffic Paid chart Growth

Caption 3: The graph above shows the complete evolution of monthly visitors without using payment methods. 

The Results
  • Our starting point was 497 visitors per month when we started working together. After BigBox Agency's work, the agency reached 1233 visitors per month. Considering the impact the pandemic has had on businesses, it has almost tripled its number of monthly visitors organically.

  • Considering the impact the pandemic has had on businesses, we have increased the number of visitors to the website of our client via Google by 150%.

At BigBox Agency we are aware that each company has specific needs and a specific budget. We design and implement customised strategies to differentiate you from your competitors. 

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