Case study 2 

Branding, Marketing & PR
Quixote Dance Congresses: SensuAlcalá con Salsa!

The promoters, Quixote Dance Congresses (QDC), wanted to create a unique dance event in Spain: an exclusive experience which would involve the best dance professionals and aspects of Spanish culture, taking place in the open air.

Conceptually, the departure point was the Spanish literary work Don Quixote de la Mancha (dated 1605- 1614) written by Miguel de Cervantes as a differential fact from other dance festivals that were being held the country. The location chosen was one of the UNESCO heritage cities, Alcalá de Henares (Madrid, Spain), not only because it was the birthplace of the author, but also due to the close relationship he had with the city throughout his life.

QDC sought to offer an experience for dance enthusiasts as well as leading figures of international dance, in addition to a plus in terms of activities related to Spanish culture.

The challenge

BigBox Agency had the objectives to turn the event into an international benchmark and to position the
brand as a mark of quality. To achieve this, the marketing strategy was divided into 3 phases:

  • Before the event: 

Make the event known

Generate sales


  • During the event:

 Cover the areas of communication and marketing

  • After the event: 


Analysis of results

The solution

Together with QDC, we defined different aspects to focus each area:


  • Scope: International

  • Duration: 3 days

  • Timetable: Full day. Activities in the morning and parties in the evenings

  • Venues: Indoor and outdoor

  • Disciplines: Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba

The Brand 

The logo  


From the above details, we designed a Brand Style that would match the expectations of the users but with a fresher touch. The colours linked to these types of dances are purple and pink. We also wanted to keep some brightness representing the dancers' dresses in the competitions so that the event could be easily recognizable.

Logo Dance Branding Marketing

The website


We worked on the Creation of Content for the website. It had to include sections such as: the history of the festival, the venue, accommodation options, guest artists and a space for ticket sales. From time to time, this content was updated depending on whether the information changed.


The content displayed both on the website and on Social Media had to be aligned and maintain coherence
so that users could clearly identify the information on each channel.

Dance Festival Website Design

Social Media


The channels we used were Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

To make the Corporate Identity and Image consistent, we created an action plan for Customer Service. We
foresaw the possible answers to doubts and incidents that attendees might have. As it was the first edition
of this festival, the expected amount of comments and messages on social networks to respond could be
elevated, and the replies had to have the tone that the brand wanted to convey: exclusivity, elegance,
quality and expertise.

  • Before the event: 

Each post we designed fulfilled a double function: to inform and to tell a little story of who was appearing.
With special emphasis on those dance lovers who could sign up to follow their idols.

  • During the event:  

We published posts with daily information, as well as the changes that could be made so that the attendees were always informed.
We carried out streamings of the different activities that were taking place to connect with followers and
potential attendees at subsequent editions.
We used UGC to interact with attendees and share more posts about the event.

  • After the event:

We analysed the results in terms of marketing. There were more than 1,571 hours of work at the
preparation stage leading up to the event, and more than 42 hours of work during the days of the event. 

BigBox Agency Content Creation Design Instagram
BigBox Agency Instagram Feed
BigBox Agency Facebook Content Design Followers
Online and offline advertising materials

We worked with the event designer to coordinate the different elements to be distributed for information
and promotion of the event such as Posters and Roll Ups.

BigBox Agency Roll Up Design Digital Marketing Offline

Roll Up 85 X 200 cm

BigBox Agency Poster Digital Marketing Design

Poster 29,7 x 42 cm 

We designed the official brochure with the information about the Festival. 

BigBox Agency Brochure Leaflet Layout Magazine Print A5 Marketing Graphic Design Branding
BigBox Agency Brochure Leaflet Layout Magazine Print A5 Marketing Graphic Design Branding Inside
BigBox Agency Brochure Leaflet Layout Magazine Print A5 Marketing Graphic Design Branding Schedule Inside

Brochure 14,8 x 21 cm 

BigBox also designed T-shirts and backpacks as merchandising of the Festival.

BigBox Agency Merchandising Marketing Offline Design

We launched Facebook Ads campaigns, achieved visibility, and increased the number of followers and

The guest artists and teachers recorded videos themselves calling people to attend the event, which
provided credibility and grew trust in the consumer. 

The cover of Facebook was periodically updated with information about the artists, their image and CTA.


Several promotional campaigns with discounts were launched to encourage sales.


We achieved:

  • 3.250 Followers on the Facebook Page

  • 104.066 Visualizations in Social Media (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook)

  • 13.124 views of the video with more visualizations in Youtube

BigBox Agency Content Creation Post Design Instagram
Media Coverage: local and national media and streaming on Social Media.

We designed the PR and Communication of the event. We created the Media Kit and managed the
appearance in different media and specialised portals to publicise the event.

BigBox Agency Media Kit PR Press Conference

Local Press: Dream Alcalá

Local Press Dance Festival PR

National Media:  Instituto Nacional de las Artes Escénicas y de la Música (INAEM - Government of Spain )

National Media PR Press Official

We carried out streaming of the different activities that were taking place in order to engage with followers and potential attendees for subsequent editions.


Given that such an event had never been organised in Spain before, and that the promoter of the event
was new to the sector, we achieved the following results:

  • To position the QDC dance festival 'SensuAlcalá con Salsa!' as an international quality event and a reference in its sector.  Competitors in Spain, until then, had held events in hotels or large venues.

  • To meet the expectations of guest dancers and assistants, also generating interest for future editions.

  • As a consequence of the streaming and real-time coverage of the event, more attendees joined
    spontaneously as the days went by.