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Case Study 1

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E-sportive. Brand Awareness enables brands to grow

The Challenge

Practising a sport is one of the healthiest habits in our daily routine, and more and more people are doing it nowadays. Keeping the mind and body busy has become a priority in recent times. 
E-sportive arises from the need to provide equipment to those people who practice sports like yoga or running.

Although doing sport is on the rise, there are already established sportswear companies that are strong competitors for E-sportive. The Brand Awareness resulting from good Branding, Communication and Marketing strategies will be fundamental to get the user’s trust in the product and become a recurrent consumer.

The Solution

Together with E-sportive, we designed a plan that would help to position itself and to establish the first steps of its professional life.


We carried out a Market Research and designed the Target Persona that we considered could best adapt to the type of product and focus the strategies to be developed later.


We distinguished between Brand Recognition and Brand Awareness to enhance each of the visual and perceptive elements of E-sportive. Brand Recognition is understood as the user's ability to identify a brand based on visual indicators such as the logo, colours, or typography. Brand Awareness is related to the user's experience and memories of a brand. When a company achieves a certain level of Brand Awareness, their marketing and advertising campaigns mean something to their audience.


We started working on the Marketing and Communication strategy to gain credibility among users and increase Brand value.


  • The brand

Our intention with E-sportive was to align the Corporate Identity with the Corporate Image so that the public view the company exactly as the company wants to be seen.


In Corporate Identity, we conceived a logo that reflected the values of

E-sportive: Two silhouettes appear in movement with the initial "E". This image is created to be used in different versions, supports and channels. We thought of a design that could be applied to different elements such as website design, company stationery, packaging, stickers, or company gifts, without losing its essence.

E-sportive Brand Design Graphic Logo
E-sportive logo grid
E-sportive white version
BigBox Esportive Logo
  • The website (E-commerce)

We designed a user-friendly and responsive e-commerce website, following the criteria defined in the Corporate Image where the products and a brief description would stand out, in addition to a section of 'About Us' , and the shopping cart.

E-sportive E-commerce web design website
  • Marketing Strategy


We chose the channels that best suit the Target Persona and designed the Content Strategy accordingly. We analysed the competitors and drew up a calendar of publications on Social Media.


To make the Corporate Identity and Image consistent, we created an action plan for Customer Service and possible positive and negative reviews, if any. The strategy of messages implementation with E-sportive; was crucial to managing the claim to be transmitted to the social networks.

E-sportive wanted to transmit a message of motivation, perseverance and effort valid for any aspect of life but giving a priority role to sport. Therefore our strategy in terms of content creation and publications on social media was focused on designing posts combining photographs of people practising sport and famous quotes from athletes or prominent figures in the field.

E-sportive Facebook Page

Initially, E-sportive decided that we would focus on their US-based target to launch the first part of the Google Ads Campaign.

The engagement rate of E-sportive was 8%-11%.


We conducted Social Media surveys to get a first-hand understanding of consumer preferences and to be able to adjust our strategy, as well as having the chance to interact with them directly.

E-sportive Story Instagram

The Results

During the lockdown in 2020 and the launch phase of E-sportive, all businesses suffered the consequences of the pandemic, especially the smallest ones. But it was also a challenge for E-sportive and BigBox, and a new option for the user to get the equipment they were looking for: clothes with more competitive prices.


We launched Ads campaigns on Google, Facebook and Instagram and achieved the following:

  • We succeeded in generating interest among users with valuable content.

  • We increased the number of followers of the different channels (social media).

In a later iteration, together with E-sportive, we analysed the results of the campaigns and modified and adjusted the marketing strategy for the subsequent ad campaigns and the actions to be taken in the different channels.


Amongst the changes, we took into account the demographics and sales and expanded the target to Europe, specifically Spain, Italy and the UK. In this second iteration, we decided to incorporate reviews and real testimonials either through collaborations with users who had a higher number of followers (Nano-influencers, between 2K and 5K followers), as for E-sportive generating credibility is fundamental to strengthen the brand. We achieved the following:

  • Strengthen interest among users and therefore raise Brand Awareness.

  • E-Sportive continued growth in terms of followers and users in the different channels (social media).

  • We increased E-sportive sales by opening up to other countries and through higher visibility of advertisement (Social Media Ads).

  • ROI: for every pound invested, we reached £8 revenue and £1.26 profit.

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