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We are an Agile Digital Marketing agency. Through the implementation of this methodology, we obtain a greater capacity of response, transparency and flexibility in all marketing functions.


We create value for both our customers and our business through new marketing approaches.

We are guided by the following features:




and Creative

Iterative and


Evidence-based Learning

We are focused on the use of the augmented reality (AR) into areas that have nothing to do with gaming. We offer end-to-end bespoke services for both start-ups and established brands.

We are pioneers in the use of AR to develop our own tools and implement them functionally in the context of communication and marketing.


02 Services

Digital Marketing

Our mission is to help businesses become incredibly successful online. We provide bespoke marketing services.

We help companies to prepare for the digital era. We know how to take insights and craft them into fresh, memorable digital experiences that work across multiple digital platforms. 

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BigBox Lab

We build scalable solutions across multiple platforms that make life easier for you and your customers. 

We are experts in choosing the right technology and solutions to build effective products and campaigns.

Within the context of marketing and communication, augmented reality (AR) allows brands and companies to offer unique and immersive digital experiences, as well as engaging consumers in an extraordinary way. 


03 Our Culture 

BigBox is built on our values which guide the key decisions we make to deliver results;  from the companies we work with and the people we hire through our methodology and day-to-day procedures.


We are consequent with our decisions and actions for the benefit of our clients.


We behave and express ourselves with consistency and sincerity.


As a driving force that makes us improve every day on each of the projects we start.  Continuously moving forward, innovating and improving.


It allows us to focus on the essential. We value the extraordinary impact of simple things.


We assume our individual responsibility and commitment to the projects we undertake. We focus on finding solutions and achieving goals.


As a differential value. We turn ingenious ideas into real solutions to specific problems. It is at the heart of what we do.



Through innovation, we design solutions that improve the quality of life of our society.


04 About

In BigBox we are passionate about what we do.

We treat projects as collaborations with our clients and make sure they're involved in every part of the process.

We know how to handle effectively all the concerns that our clients may have. We understand the complete overview of the situation and provide specific solutions for each type of client. Our expertise in image, public relations and social media generates commercial value.

Cristina Moreno is the Creative Director of this project. Amongst her experience, we highlight that she had the chance to work with relevant speakers and personalities around the world, such as politicians, celebrities, CEOs and experts in different disciplines. Habituated to work with a high level of responsibility, she has succeed in dealing with the management of different projects simultaneously.


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